Satellite TV Can Bring a Love of Food and Travel Together

It is a rather commonly understood notion that people enjoy watching their fellow man eat bizarre things. While not everyone might not have been aware of this fact, the show "Fear Factor" opened our eyes to the inherent fascination most of us possess in watching people eat grotesque things. Granted all of the items eaten on the show were a delicacy in some country, but for the vast majority of viewers, coagulated blood balls are a more than peculiar dish. Operating along a similar vein of thought, Read more [...]

Food and Wine Magazine is a Great Resource

If it's fine wines and great food that you live for, then it's all about Food and Wine Magazine. This magazine has dedicated itself to the individual who cannot eat his food without the taste of a good wine. Here you can find the best unknown restaurants across America. There are recipes galore and the latest in the newest grape. Food and Wine Magazine also has numerous auctions to benefit charities and group trips to benefit the select palate. If your hobby is wine or if your hobby is food, Read more [...]